From Ruth Sims, author of The Phoenix.

You put more into a short story than anybody I’ve ever seen.

on FIRST TIME (published in Forbidden Fruit)

I just read your story, and, I have to admit, I enjoyed it immensely.
Not only was it a sweet love story between two young men, one of whom was still unsure of his sexuality, but it also showed the sensitivity of his slightly older (but not by much) lover to take it at his pace, and not to overwhelm him by doing things he wasn’t willing or ready to do…

I also wanted to say your story was very erotic, too, and I got quite
turned on by the love scene in it. Felt like I was in the room with
them. You have quite a way with words, Alex, and I hope to read many
more stories by you.



Just read your story. . . The computer is still steaming.


I did just read The Ghost. It’s wonderful…
chilling, evocative imagery … It gave me goosebumps.
… the feeling you give of coldness and mental darkness,
despair mixed with peace–oh, baby, you nailed it.

From J E Mountney (

on SPIDER BAIT (Forbidden Fruit, September 2006)

I read it and loved it – one of those stories that really stick in your brain


You’re particularly good at conveying that overpowering
force of unarticulated desire… best were the encounters
between James and Adam, both as they happened and
as they were recalled by Adam.

Your prose is almost painterly then and very evocative…
and rises above the cliches that this sort of
coming of age story seems to always drag along in its

Trewin Greenaway (author of THE CRONNEX)


Nice story. The structure of it, sort of halting in places and missing punctuation… makes the felt emotion that much more real. Especially toward the end, where it seems as if you really were ‘one’ with your narrator. … The build toward the end is very good. Everyone, whether male or female, gay or straight, has surely felt what your protagonist has.

We nod and say, “yes, exactly”.

– Nea