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“You put more into a short story than anybody I’ve ever seen.”
– Ruth Sims, author of The Phoenix.

My stories evolve around people struggling with sexual identity issues. They are of a gay and bi-sexual theme – involving same sex couples. They are not “adult” stories, but stories about adults.

I’ve been writing ever since teenage-hood when I first discovered the joy of escaping into stories. I was influenced early on by such writers as Mary Renault, D H Lawrence and E M Forster, not to mention David Bowie and Queen. A child of the 60s, I grew up believing in diversity and tolerance and that all you need is love.

I live near Melbourne, Australia, with my family. An Arts graduate, part time teacher and full time parent; an atheist, socialist, greenie and believer in social justice, my writing often examines the difficulties people can have when they don’t fit into society’s prescriptive social rules.

Published in Forbidden Fruit, BENT-magazine and Litbits, I am also an editor and webmaster with Gay Flash Fiction and Wilde Oats.

Online Magazines

I currently manage the online zine Gay Flash Fiction, (which is open for submissions).

I have previously been involved in the managing and editing of online zines Forbidden Fruit (closed, but archives can be found at Wilde Oats) and Wilde Oats.

Editing services

I do offer individual editing services (under the name of Irene Hogan), from flash fiction to novels.
If interested please click on the above link or email me by clicking here


If you wish to contact me please CLICK HERE

Who is Alex Hogan?

Alex Hogan is one of my pennames, another being Eirene Hogan.
My birth name is Irene Hogan.


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